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手工風乾粒粒藍莓果乾 Dehydrated Blueberry

手工風乾粒粒藍莓果乾 Dehydrated Blueberry

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市面大部份的藍莓果乾都有浸過糖水再加工的,而吾子的藍莓果乾則 - 全 天 然 -,粒粒藍莓都由吾子親手揀選,確保藍莓每粒完好沒有破爛才放入爐再以底溫風乾$48小時而成的。因為藍莓每粒大細不同,所以口感相當有趣,有軟綿的,脆口的,有𡁻勁的,啖啖吃出真實的藍莓果味。




保存方式  請放置乾爽及陰涼處,避免高溫及陽光照射。開封後盡快食用,或密封保存

- 淨重-  15 gm

保質期 -3個月, 建議1個月食好以保存最佳口感

- 最佳食用日期 - 見包裝標示

- About dehydrated fruit and fruit tea -

All our products are used seasonal fresh fruit, non-sugar added, preservative and colorant free. You can feel the taste of the fresh fruit in every bite


- How to keep -

Store in cool and dry place and stay away from the Sunlight.  Finish as soon as possible after opening, or keep in sealed container.

- Net Weight - 15 gm

- Shelf Life - 3 months , recommend to finish it within 1 month to keep best quality of the products

- Best Before - See the package label

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