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nggy happy holiday gift set D

nggy happy holiday gift set D

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聖 誕 限 量 訂 購 Christmas Limited 

1. 聖誕酒洋梨果醬 Mulled Wine Pear Jam  ....100ml
2. 自選吾子果醬 Self Picked nggy jam jam .....100ml
3. 黑朱古力風乾香橙脆片Orange Chips Dipped Dark Dhocolate ....25gm

4. 薑餅小紅莓脆脆燕麥片 Ginger Bread Cranberry Granola....80gm
5. 紅山 秋田 果乾茶 Orange Red Dates .....2pack
6. 聖誕酒香料包  Mulled Wine Spice Pack .... 1 pack(for 750ml Wine)
7. 綜合琥珀糖 Assorted Kohakuto .....50gm
(聖誕酒 Mulled Wine/ 梅子 Ume/紫蘇 Shiso/桂花烏龍茶 Osmanthus Oolong)



1. 藍莓桂花果醬 Blueberry Osmanthus
2. 本地有機洛神花桂圓果醬 Roselle Dried Longan Jam
3. 蕃石榴迷迭香果醬 Guava Rosemary Jam
4. 海鹽無花果鮮雪耳果醬 Sea Salt & Fig with Fresh Snow Fungus Jam
5. 咖啡香蕉果醬 Banana Coffee
6. 菠蘿生薑果醬 Pineapple Ginger
7. 蘋果紫蘇果醬 Apple Shiso Jam


凡訂購任何 happy holiday Gift Set ,會附送nggy x 播畫師Lup 的限量聖誕卡一張 




All products are not included preservative and artificial pigment, all handmade and limited. 

12% off for Early Bird before Nov 30  
Cut off Date : Dec 13, 2018
Delivery DateDec 17 - Dec 22The Week before Christmas) 
Please PM us if there is any special request. 

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