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藍莓桂花果醬 Blueberry Osmanthus

藍莓桂花果醬 Blueberry Osmanthus

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藍莓能護眼和幫助减少腹部脂肪,加上能清熱消毒,有效抗氧化和美白肌膚的桂花, 最適合經常捱夜的上班一族及小朋友啦!

- 有關果醬 -

吾子果醬均用了新鮮水果製作,不含防腐劑及其食用色素,果醬顏色會隨時間變化,這是正常的。還特地挑選了天然健康「海藻糖」, 甜度為砂糖的45﹪,減低果醬甜膩感之餘更將水果特有的味道提升出來。

- 保存方式 -

請放置乾爽及陰涼處,避免高溫及陽光照射。開封後需冷藏 ,建議盡快食用。


- 淨重-  100ml

保質期 - 4-5個月

- 最佳食用日期 - 見包裝標示

- About nggy jam jam -

All our jams are naturally made with fresh fruit, no preservatives and artificial color added. Selected to use the nature “ Trehalose” from Japan, the sweetness is only 45% of white and rock sugar, to enhance the aroma and the taste of the fresh fruit.    

- How to keep -

Store in cool and dry place and stay away from the Sunlight. Keep in the fridge after after opening, and finish it as soon as possible.

Please use a clean and clean equipment to take out the serving to avoid water vapour and bacterial infiltration, resulting in deterioration of the jam.

- Net Weight - 100ml

- Shelf Life-  4- 5 months months

- Best Before - See the package label

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