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Valrohla 黑朱古力香橙脆片禮盒 Orange chips dipped in Valrohla Dark Chocolate

Valrohla 黑朱古力香橙脆片禮盒 Orange chips dipped in Valrohla Dark Chocolate

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聖 誕 限 量 訂 購


在這個冬天,香脆濃郁的香橙脆片沾上吾子特別調配法國 Vakrohla 黑朱古力,你的朋友一定會喜歡這份心思!

Valrohla 黑朱古力香橙脆片禮盒


- 黑朱古力香橙脆片10片

另外附送 nggy jam jam X 插畫家Lup 聖誕卡一張 (數量有限,送完即止)

有關果乾及果茶 -


保存方式 I  請放置乾爽及陰涼處,避免高溫及陽光照射。開封後盡快食用,或密封保存
保質期 I 3個月, 建議1個月食好以保存最佳口感
最佳食用日期 I 見包裝標示


- About dehydrated fruit and fruit tea -

All our products are used seasonal fresh fruit, non-sugar added, preservative and colorant free. You can feel the taste of the fresh fruit in every bite

- How to keep -

Store in cool and dry place and stay away from the Sunlight.  Finish as soon as possible after opening, or keep in sealed container.

- Shelf Life -  

3 months , recommend to finish it within 1 month to keep best quality of the products

- Best Before - See the package label

Cut off Date : Dec 15, 2019
Delivery Date:Dec 16 - Dec 22(The Week before Christmas) 
Please PM us if there is any special request. 

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