We Have Relocated!!


用餐不只是果腹, 是一種體驗。讓桌上的風景, 像一趟短短的旅行。為日常帶來情節,生活帶來驚喜。

Starting from nggy jam jam, finally we have our own restaurant. We hope our food just like a scenery on the table, ,giving you little surprises like taking a short trip in a daily life.

- 每人最低消費為$80,用餐時間為90分鐘

- 請準時到達,預約會在預訂時段保留15分鐘 

- 如需取消預約,煩請提前一天通知 或 自行取消

Come and Visit Us

Shop A, G/F , Golden Court, 6-8 Second st., Sai Ying Pun

Wed - Mon, 12pm - 6pm
Tuesday Off

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